Posted by Scott Cunningham on March 6, 2014 
I can't understand why there are no comments yet! This is absolutely beautiful.
Posted by Tyler Hardin on March 6, 2014 
The shot leaves you speechless. That's why.
Posted by Rick on March 6, 2014 
Awesome shot - thanks
Posted by Ian W Crandell on March 6, 2014 
Absolutely beautiful. Not sure why it wasn't a Screener's Choice...
Posted by Joseph T. Wagner on March 6, 2014 
Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!
Posted by Kevin Andrusia on March 12, 2014 
It is a beautiful shot, have seen it in person myself, but as to why no comments or higher accolades, it got them when it was posted before, same date, same train, by another upload.
Posted by Bill Edgar on March 12, 2014 
Mike Danneman and I traveled together last summer on a trip to the Jasper area, so many photos from the trip are pretty similar. There is probably no more beautiful place in North America than the Jasper Park area. Mike has a number of shots posted, and I will attempt to post a few more over time.
Posted by Jeff J. Bray on March 12, 2014 
That is definitely a beauty!
Posted by Jim Thias on March 13, 2014 
Absolutely stunning.
Posted by dshartrick on March 13, 2014 
I have never seen a photo of this much quality on this site before. A 24" x 36" poster would look great on my train room wall....
Posted by Derek Stewart on March 13, 2014 
Awesome shot. PCA nod from me.
Posted by on March 14, 2014 
It seems that every thing blends!!
Posted by Rich Clark on March 14, 2014 
What a spectacular shot Bill, that is a rather sheer drop on the right peak of the back mountain range too. That area of Canada has so many great photographic spots.
Posted by Bill Edgar on March 14, 2014 
Mike Danneman and I spent a bit of time at Morant's curve near Lake Louise prior to coming here. The CP is gorgeous, but the opportunities on the CN are numerous, and last all day long. We were shooting from about 730 am to almost 9 pm each day. the challenge was weather, but we did about as well as could be expected in that area, some rain and clouds, but a fair amount of sun.
Posted by Gus Drum on March 19, 2014 
Not sure whether I like the actual train or its reflection better, but the two of them together is magical. Great shot at a great place. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Micah Dale on July 13, 2014 
Incredible photo!
Posted by Joshua Jankus on September 17, 2014 
I have seen shots like this from the same angle, but there is something about the clarity of the background that is absolutely breathtaking in this picture. I'm having trouble fathoming how much water lies on the other side of the train. There is just so much clear air there. The way the massive peaks tower over the crystal lake seems to lend unique perspective. Marvelous.
Posted by Bill Edgar on September 18, 2014 
We were blessed with very good weather, especially on the earlier part of our trip here. Later in the week it got much more hazy due to smoke from area fires.
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