Posted by Rich Brown on January 19, 2014 
I would be willing to wager that the "cab shell" came from ALCO. It SURE looks like the cab of an RS-2 or 3.
Posted by Dave Schauer on January 20, 2014 
This sure looks like classic ice fog when it gets bitter cold. Nice coating on the units.
Posted by colmat91 on January 20, 2014 
That is cool!
Posted by Bill Edgar on January 20, 2014 
This was about the coldest day I ever went out with a camera! It started at minus 22 and stayed below zero all day. Regarding the comment about the Alco cab, I believe these booster units were re-equipped with Baldwin cabs not too long after there purchase. Not sure if they were sent back, or if Milwaukee did it with a "kit".
Posted by Cody White on January 3, 2018 
I bet these could pull that grade to the Ford plant with ease. As many old hoggers that ran any Baldwins in their day could likely attest, the key was the Westinghouse traction motors. The MKT/CNW AS16Ms were preferred power for kicking cars on the Northwestern.
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