Posted by Rich Brown on January 19, 2014 
In MY OPINION, it is to the eternal shame of VIA and the Canadian Government, that due almost completely to a morass of bureaucratic "BS" this train, which was a TRULY GREAT trip and did much to bring tourists to the tourist-dependent Gaspe Region of Quebec no longer operates. I am sure that the people who live in that region miss it even more than those of use who only rode it "on holiday."
Posted by Hiawatha Pete on January 19, 2014 
Rich, I couldn't agree more, with the exception that I believe that the blame lies solely at the feet of the Canadian Government. As I stated on my web page on the Chaleur: Apparently the Canadian Government had no interest in providing the paltry sum needed for repairs to the rail line in order to maintain the operation of this train, being far more interested with pouring vast amounts of tax dollars into the road & air transport industries.
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