Posted by xBNSFer on January 2, 2014 
Actually, those are SD45-2s, not SDP45's. EL had both, and both with extra capacity fuel tanks. The SDP45s would have a longer frame, flared radiators, and a hood extension beyond the radiators where the steam boiler would be if they were actually intended for passenger service (EL got the SDP45s just for the extra frame length and the extra large fuel tank that could be accommodated on the longer frame). The SD45-2s, pictured here, got there extra fuel tank capacity by extending the fuel tank up to the frame rail.
Posted by Ron Flanary on January 2, 2014 
Thanks for the correction (I just sent a note to make that change, since I can't do it myself). I should have known better, and I should have checked as well (which I usually do) before I uploaded the shot. When you get in a hurry, you make mistakes!
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