Posted by Frank Orona on November 26, 2013 
"Sounded like a freight train", ha ha. I'm surprised the witnesses didn't say it sounded like a tornado.
Posted by jdayrail on November 26, 2013 
I don't think a bigger mess could be made had they tried.
Posted by Curious142 on November 26, 2013 
Very interesting. Where's the SD60M in that pile? It can't be in the pile up.
Posted by Robert Forsstrom on November 27, 2013 
The lead UP road power (SD60M 2474, SD60M 2258, & SD40T-2 8571) plus the head 13 cars made it over the broken rail with out derailing.
Posted by Nathan M. Kuhn on December 30, 2013 
As Homer Simpson would say, Doh!!
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