Posted by Jeff Sell on November 13, 2013 
Interesting photo. Perhaps the folks at the Altoona Rail Roader's Museum should see if they could get a belpaire boiler like this for their PRR K4 (#1361) restoration project that's taking too long to complete.
Posted by David West on November 13, 2013 
Well at least we did not have to send Tornado's boiler back! But where else would we have our boilers built and repaired if we did not have these facilities to do this kind of work? I like the photo better quality than you often see in magazines., pin sharp! Nice one.
Posted by Scott Haugland on November 13, 2013 
Wow, Obamacare in Germany too, huh? I mean 3 years to fix some things on a boiler! C'mon!
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