Posted by Óscar on October 20, 2013 
Another stunning shot from you, instant favourite as most of your work. Well done!
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on October 20, 2013 
Beautiful !
Posted by Michael Tonne on October 20, 2013 
Great Picture! Love steam tunnel shots!
Posted by Eric Williams on October 20, 2013 
Nice Dennis. I didn't appreciate the shot until I had a second look and saw it in a new light!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 23, 2013 
Exceptional image, Dennis! And look - you CAN get a great photo outside of NYC. Of course, we already knew that - just a re- epiphany. PC and a favorite in lieu of the missing SC.
Posted by Bryant Kaden on October 24, 2013 
This is what you call timeless. For a moment nothing has changed in 100 years and the ghosts of railroading's past come out to play in the fleeting sunlight and the falling leaves. Your work continues to inspire jealousy in me and just flat out inspire me. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
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