Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on October 7, 2013 
I do not know what is more monumental, a steam passenger excursion derailment or Kevin M posting a shot of one! Good, clear shot as always. We are all very glad this, in the end, was just a thrill ride and nobody was hurt and nothing was really damaged.
Posted by Bill Grenchik on October 7, 2013 
Well at least it tipped that way and not the other way, If I remember right there's quite a drop going the other way
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 7, 2013 
RP presents: A day at the Cumbres and Toltec! Others feature numerous runbys, actors, horses and props - our will feature a tastefully done derailment scene! Bring plenty of memory cards and film and be first to post on RP for a chance at Top Image of the Day - maybe even Top Image of the Week!

Nicely captured, Kevin. Thanks for the first hand account of the incident and thank goodness no one was injured. An interesting capture as these things did (and do) sometimes happen. Would've been interesting to incorporate into the charter rerailing and such, especially if a narrow gauge wrecker was available. Assuming they must have existed, considering the topography, how could they not have.

Posted by on October 13, 2013 
Interesting, you can see the grease has spilled out of the journal boxes and has run over the wheel treads.
Posted by Steve Carter on October 23, 2013 
Engaging photo, great story. I thought the "in case folks are wondering" part was going to be the cause of the derailment. Was that ever determined? If so, the answer is...?
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