Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 11, 2013 
Well now, you can't be mad at a flash when you get waves like that. Nicely composed!
Posted by Frank Jolin on September 11, 2013 
Nice shot, great lighting!
Posted by Thomas Seiler on September 12, 2013 
Very nicely done night shot with that human element added into there!
Posted by John Witthaus on September 12, 2013 
This has shades of O. Winston Link all over it. Awesome shot!
Posted by John M Breitigan on September 12, 2013 
Now that is one great night shot.
Posted by Mark Schenking on September 12, 2013 
Great shot Tom!
Posted by Dennis Jacob on September 12, 2013 
Great to see that even your daughters love trains.. well framed shot sir.
Posted by on September 12, 2013 
You've done it again Tom! PCA from me.
Posted by Shooshie on February 10, 2014 
From the cab of a locomotive I've seen vistas that stir the heart even 30 years later, and I've seen tragedy, terror, mystery... but I never saw a network of flashes go off in front of me at night. I've always wondered what those guys in the pictures were thinking over the next 30 seconds, especially when Link would light up a whole town for just an instant. I'll bet it would be funny and yet unprintable. That said, I always appreciate shots like this. good job!
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