Posted by Troy Staten on September 11, 2013 
Nice shot, wonderful little train with the funny looking motor car and the classy streamlined chair car. I would have loved to ride on that little train.
Posted by David Harris on September 11, 2013 
Posted by on September 12, 2013 
Another great photo, Joe. This shows a much less covered section of the AT&SF.
Posted by Kurt Wayne on September 12, 2013 
Troy, I never like to brag, but my kindergarten class got to ride this train a few months before this photo was taken. For a 5 year old railfan, it was nothing short of wondrous. We rode it from Portales, NM to the depot at Clovis, then back by the afternoon. Wish I could remember what the lunch was but I may have been too excited to eat much. When it arrived in Clovis there was (to my young eyes) a huge transcontinental ATSF passenger train we pulled up alongside, plus freight cars all around us. Won't forget it, and I'm so grateful to you, Joe, not only for correcting me that this wasn't a "Budd" but also getting pictures of this unique train. That being said, M.160 didn't have as much piping at the top and almost looked more graceful.
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