Posted by Rich Brown on August 13, 2013 
REALLY NICE use of light & shadow to make a rather mundane subject artistic.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 13, 2013 
Sweet shot! Exceptionally composed with superb lighting. PC and a favorite from me.
Posted by cmdrflake on August 13, 2013 
Nice shot, and nothing happened to anyone or anything as a result.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on August 13, 2013 
Dennis, I love this! Geometric patterns, end of day yellow light complements the rusty browns of the beams, the framing and lighting of the distant city skyline, a tremendous shot! PCA; more of this must be encouraged!
Posted by Eric Williams on August 13, 2013 
Dennis, this is a great shoot and inspires me to get out and shoot the subway more! The composition is perfect and leads your eye to the train through the nice framing and use of light. PCA from me too!
Posted by Charles Freericks on August 13, 2013 
That is pretty brilliant... something you need the eye of an artist to have seen.
Posted by Kevin Madore on August 26, 2013 
Congratulations on the PCA, Dennis! This was my choice for #1 this week. Interesting composition and very tricky lighting. Nice job!
Posted by George W. Hamlin on August 26, 2013 
Beautifully done!
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on August 26, 2013 
Nice shot. Great lighting.
Posted by John West on August 27, 2013 
Wow! I like this one even better than your POTW. The lighting, the geometic pattern of the girders, even the distant skyline combine very nicely. There is an interesting contrast between the severity of the high contrast girder geometry and the soft lighting on the train and the skyline. A very interesting image. It's one of those nice moments when train pictures cross over gracefully into art.
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