Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 1, 2013 
Interesting you chose to blur the train and keep the gal in focus, yet, it works well in genre - photos that happen to have trains in them. Well done. And thanks for uploading the same night as my upload with this and a helicopter shot, lol.
Posted by Jeff Terry on August 1, 2013 
Virgil Staff would be proud of you
Posted by Jonathan Hallman on August 1, 2013 
Very nicely captured!
Posted by Cameron Lochli on August 1, 2013 
Nice shot! I'm surprised they let that comment about cock slip through...
Posted by David Honan on August 1, 2013 
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. The inappropriate comment has been removed and a complaint filed with the site administrators.
Posted by Tom Gorton on August 1, 2013 
Dave...this is a super awesome photo that highlights sensitivity vs. big motive power. Terrific compo. Thanks for your photo!
Posted by jdayrail on August 1, 2013 
She looks as though she is wondering if the student loans were worth it.
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on August 1, 2013 
Is the third unit an ex-SP AC4400CW ?
Posted by Rob Jacox on August 1, 2013 
You know your an SP fan when... You notice a blurry red SP nose BEFORE you notice the cute blonde, clearly in focus, sitting on a rock in front of the train.
Posted by NYC Man on August 6, 2013 
"Hmmm, should I stay in college, or go to work for the railroad"?
Posted by Sean Mathews on August 6, 2013 
Interesting. Definately looks like she goes to college in Seattle, with the sandals and all. Wondering where the starbucks cup is. Can't say in college I would have been found pearched on railroad tracks pondering anything. Unless there was a case of Natty next to me. Yeah, my priorities were a little off. But I still graduated. Nice shot.
Posted by Nathan M. Kuhn on January 25, 2014 
I like this shot David lots!
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