Posted by Billie Bell on July 27, 2013 
Your commentary for this one made me sad. I looked back in my CFN folder and see I have several picture of this particular locomotive. I'm sure this one of yours will be the last I add to that folder. Thank you for sharing your picture and giving us the information on the #112.
Posted by icr on July 27, 2013 
It is sad to see more and more railroads losing there identity with these takeovers .
Posted by bradley on May 21, 2016 
Sad? Sure it is. But not near as sad as rails pulled up and the Geep's gone to Larry's for parts. Just be glad it's there to see, regardless of color.
Posted by miningcamper on November 16, 2016 
G&W orange is far superior to, for example, Norfolk Southern"s tired black paint. But due to BNSF using orange, G&W might have chosen something a little different.
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