Posted by Eddy Gullett on July 10, 2013 
time for a second failure
Posted by Jim McCulloch on July 10, 2013 
Congratulations guys, that is an awesome effort you are putting in. Hopefully you can get the remaining engine / transmission working and run it under it's own power someday.
Posted by Steve Carter on July 10, 2013 
So 9010 will be the SP fans version of Thomas the Tank Engine! So be it. Better to get pushed around then to have met the scrappers torch!
Posted by Mike on July 16, 2013 
Wouldn't it be awesome to be running this creature up a 2% grade with a couple of GEs in the 8th notch making about 12 MPH with an 8,000 ton train? As an engineer, that's what dreams are made of. And of course, trackside witnesses with cameras are always a plus! What would be more priceless? The sound, the smoke or the smile on my face? LOL!
Posted by Wayne Hudak on August 16, 2013 
Just curious, where has this locomotive been all these years? I wasn't aware one still existed.
Posted by CONRAIL-KID on October 21, 2013 
I think its great. So glad it was saved from the torch. The more of our history we preserve the better.
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