Posted by Eugene Armer on July 8, 2013 
Nice shot Charles, despite the weather, thanks to that blue & grey color scheme. Interesting that PRASA used these loco's and not one of their class 36 diesels for a ballast train. First time that 18E's have gone down the south coast?
Posted by SAR Connecta on July 8, 2013 
Thanks Eugene. I believe PRASA only have the one Class 36 in Durban, 36-251, who is not without he own problems. I have only seen 18Es used briefly to Saiccor / Umkomaas, that was back in 2010 / 2011. The South (and North) Coast are very much worked by diesels only now (except for the suburban commuter trains). So yes to see these two down in Kelso was something very much out of the ordinary and rather nice to see. I think the PRASA chaps in Durban have to use whatever is standing at the yard when it comes to working ballast, or weed spraying trains and for running Metrorail stock to CTE at Masons Mill, Pietermaritzburg.
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