Posted by Mark Rosnick on July 3, 2013 
I bet the sound was spectacular James.
Posted by Malcolm Cunningham on July 3, 2013 
......Really miss the old Alcos! Here in Chicago we had the BRC C424s among others. All I have left are memories and pics. Oh well, at least my asthma cleared up!
Posted by RailLady on July 3, 2013 
Sad, but a beautiful remembrance. Thanks for showing this one from your collection.
Posted by on July 4, 2013 

Posted by Rahul on July 4, 2013 
I live in Alco territory and regularly hear twins at work. I can just imagine the melodious chug from 4 of them. Is one of the locos off, or is it a non smoker.
Posted by gordon vincent on July 7, 2013 
I have operated both types of these engines.Trust me,those 244 V16's are making twice the noise than that 251 V12.Those tri mount trunks are putting max tractive effort to the rails,but,man they were hell on track.
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