Posted by Brian McE on July 2, 2013 
27 years later, other than equipment and road names, not much has changed...
Posted by jacob on July 3, 2013 
Mike, thank you so much for sharing. Great picture, great art.
Posted by Jim Thias on July 3, 2013 
Mike looked at this picture before submitting and thought to himself, "Why not now?" Fantastic, Mr. D!
Posted by Matt Hultman on July 3, 2013 
Nice photo here. Thanx for sharing Mike.
Posted by Glenn Davis on July 3, 2013 
this place looks about the exact same today, minus the locomotive of course.
Posted by Ray Peacock on July 3, 2013 
Mike, well done, especially that Kodachrome locomotive in the shot--perhaps you were inspired like I was by Joe McMillan's shot taken of a train from this angle with that Ford sign on the building and published in his book "High Green To Marceline".
Posted by Mike Danneman on July 3, 2013 
Ray, I was with Joe that day, just off to his left. This is the same train that appeared in his photo in the book. And it is a Kodachrome of a Kodachrome… :) Thanks for all the nice comments guys!
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