Posted by FSWood on June 29, 2013 
Would be interesting to know what squared bulge around cab window is all about.
Posted by SAR Connecta on June 29, 2013 
The Class 18E locos are all upgraded / refurbished Class 6E1 locos. In their original configuration, the side cab window was only a small half slider. Although the Class 18E locos were all fitted with airconditioners, these often prove problematic or some crew not liking them, preferring fresh air. In order to improve their opening area and ventilation / cab temp, the side cab windows were adapted / redesigned to drop down ones, housed in the rectangular box like frame you see on 18-431. 18-402 has not had her cab / driver side window changed out to the drop down type yet.
Posted by FSWood on June 30, 2013 
Ah, that makes perfect sense, appreciate it.
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