Posted by thefarmersson on June 13, 2013 
Love it! Handsome young man. Makes the ones of us that are vets proud to have served. This young man is what defending our country is all about. So our children will have a place to live in peace. I just wish all parents would teach this, instead of letting the child learn most of everything while using a cell phone or tablet.

Thank you Norfolk Southern for such great photos and having some of the best employees working for your company. The men and women that work for NS have always been friendly and polite when they speak to my family!
Posted by Tom Gorton on June 14, 2013 
The more I read and see about NS on this site the more I think that they are one of America's best companies. Full of pride, patriotism and quality. My son is looking for a new, secure job and I will strongly suggest he check out NS. Super photo, BTW.
Posted by Jeff Schramm on June 14, 2013 
Very nice. The little details really make the shot. The superman belt buckle. The red, white, and blue bunting on the porch of the house above the tunnel. Fantastic!
Posted by Robert McCulloch on June 17, 2013 
How on earth does this even get through screening, never mind a Screeners Choice? It's all very well being patriotic but this photo is surely one which should have been rejected for "bad cropping".
Posted by Steve Patterson on June 19, 2013 
Well, of course Casey, the Superman belt buckle is what did it, eh! Let's fly this photo again in two weeks --- July 4th! Only way to improve the photo is to have your Veterans unit on the point.
Posted by Mark Bau on June 22, 2013 
NS rank and file employees might have a different opinion on the company. I remember whilst working at Wisconsin Central in the 1990's when a NS GP50 showed up, only mainline loco I've ever seen that didn't have a toilet, it had a ring that you hung a plastic bag around, that's what NS management thought of their employees. Talk to the man in the field about what he thinks of NS!
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