Posted by Sean Gulden on June 9, 2013 
I'm guessing that this unit and the one behind it are both OOS. Neither have horns.
Posted by on September 4, 2013 
Amtrak is going to install new 3rd Generation K5LA air horns on 90222 and 90229.
Posted by on September 15, 2013 
Amtrak 90229 will now be in Phase 5 paint as well as Amtrak 90222 because both units were taken to Beech Grove just 3 months ago.
Posted by on May 30, 2014 
It's now in Phase V as of May 2014. In addition to being repainted, it now has blue number boards.
Posted by on June 24, 2014 
Actually, Amtrak 90229 has a 1st generation k5la.
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