Posted by on June 6, 2013 
A diseasel! So they are real.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on June 6, 2013 
I am unsure what's more strange about this photo-- the masquerade as a steam loco or the mechanism for turning the unit? Either way, this is a bizarre contraption!
Posted by David Wheeler on June 7, 2013 
Turntables who needs 'em
Posted by Thomas R. Schultz on June 7, 2013 
Regarding "Locomotive Details," I believe you meant to type, "0-4-0."
Posted by Georg TrĂ¼b on June 8, 2013 
@ Thomas R Schultz: For sure, it is correct now, thanks!
Posted by Nigel Curtis on June 10, 2013 
If you look on YouTube, you will find an RhB snowplough being turned on a built-in turntable, exactly the same concept but on a much larger beast
Posted by Jacques Leblond-Murphy on June 10, 2013 
Many pieces of track machinery (regulators, etc) are turned in this same way as well.
Posted by David West on November 9, 2013 
There was a (or still is) a railway somewhere in France, which had diesel passenger units with an unpowered trailer unit, that they could use and the powered unit could be turned by jacking the thing up, with a hand crank, and then pushed round. I'm not sure why its shown on a video I have on continental railways, captured on 16mm colour film I think the units did not have a cab at both ends. Or something? I would have to watch the video again to see what was going on. But as for fake steam what is the world coming to? It would be as crazy as having an loco that looked like a diesel but worked by steam! :-)
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