Posted by Jorge Nicolo on May 27, 2013 
are missing the American engine style ??????????
Posted by on May 27, 2013 
I like the look, but considering the creative schemes placed on these locos in Europe, it seems we could do better. Perhaps larger road numbers, Amtrak logo and American flag on the side?
Posted by TJ on May 27, 2013 
This unit did have the 'Press Event Scheme' applied when it was unveiled in Sacramento, which consisted of the large American flag and equally sized Siemens and Amtrak logos on the side, it appears those were removed and were only temporary. Those black decal numbers are also temporary for movement. See: It is likely that the permanent livery and side road numbers will be applied in Wilmington or Washington. Final concept art shows a large Amtrak logo and blue road numbers.
Posted by Dariusz Lachowicz on May 28, 2013 
Ugliest locomotive I have ever seen. No style at all.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 28, 2013 
Wow - compared to the looks of the hideous Amtrak redesign of Talgo train, this is an incredible step forward in aesthetics. They simply left the European design in tact. Still, it would be nice to see the return of aesthetics of American design last seen with the E-8 in the late 1940's. Or perhaps, for electric motors, the GG-1 from the 30's.
Posted by Sean Haley on May 30, 2013 
Ugly! Amtrak is due for some new equipment, but they could have spent a little more time designing the outside of it.
Posted by Allen Stark on June 3, 2013 
I wonder if these new engines are going to replace the AEM-7's, because that would make me sad.
Posted by Rich Brown on June 15, 2013 
Considering the way other RRs are getting on the "Heritage Unit bandwagon" How great would it be for Amtrak to "wrap" a couple of these new electrics in Brunswick Green and/or Tuscan Red with full length gold pinstripes or perhaps even a Black-White-Orange scheme resembling a McGinness-era New Haven appearance ? After all, they will be running on the NEC. SOMEBODY at Amtrak should THINK about this.
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