Posted by Carl Livingston on April 23, 2013 
Ive been there and seen that bridge
Posted by Kurt Wayne on April 23, 2013 
Rebuilt since hurricane Katrina?
Posted by Marty Bernard on April 23, 2013 
The bridge suffered little damage due to Katrina other than the track being washed off. It was fished out and the bridge was operable within days.
Posted by Dave Redmann on April 27, 2013 
This bridge is relatively modern (1990's?) and quite sturdy, presumably built for Cooper's rating E-80 trains or heavier. Also, it is on the more protected side, compared to the Interstate 10 highway bridge that Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged (CSX runs on the less protected side). Historically, the old wooden trestle that preceded this bridge was probably the biggest reason why the New Orleans & Northeastern subsidiary ran the light Ms-3 2-8-2's and Ps-3 (and later Ps and Ps-2) 4-6-2's, and the Ps-4's could not pull The Crescent etc. into New Orleans. Even as of the American Freedom Train's visit in 1976, the then-existing trestle could not handle SP 4449 (4-8-4).
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