Posted by Hunter Lohse on April 3, 2013 
Love this shot John, the Sierra is such an amazing railroad, I love my volunteer jobs at Railtown
Posted by Matt Maloy on April 4, 2013 
#38 is still around. I hope it will go to the California State Railroad Museum some day.
Posted by Marty Bernard on April 4, 2013 
Nice Picture. Any of that remining?
Posted by Michael Sharps on April 4, 2013 
What a great scene! Just about everything you see is still there today.
Posted by Kevin Madore on April 4, 2013 
I've been there twice in the last 3 years and can attest that things have changed little since this image was made. About the only things you see in this frame that aren't still there are the weeds and the fake diamond stack on the "Three Spot". Timeless really does describe the place. Thanks for posting, John!
Posted by miningcamper on April 4, 2013 
Tons of atmosphere here! Nice rescue of the Anscochrome too. The nicest thing I can say about Anscochrome is that it wasn't quite as awful as Dynachrome.
Posted by Ian W Crandell on April 9, 2013 
I love the feel of this photo. The tank car at the right reminds me of a Tichy kit I worked on many years ago.
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