Posted by Eric Williams on March 8, 2013 
Beautiful shot made even better by nice B&W processing. A real stand-out image!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 8, 2013 
I'll agree with Eric - looks like the real Diehl.
Posted by Samuel Phillips on March 8, 2013 
Very strong and powerful black & white image, William. The contrast is just great; along with a good composition. Congrats on the S.C., and you will certainly get a PCA vote from me. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by David Fry on March 9, 2013 
Simply beautiful!
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 9, 2013 
Well done! The angle, scenery, and the use of black and white are tremendous. Good job!
Posted by Steve Carter on March 17, 2013 
Indeed a great image. I'm also impressed by the effort it took to get to the photo location.
Posted by Tom Gorton on March 21, 2013 
Awe is the feeling I get from this gorgeous piece of artwork. Nice job Mr. Diehl!
Posted by Jim Thias on March 24, 2013 
Great subject, Mike! :-)
Posted by Jim Thias on March 25, 2013 
I have no idea how my comment on another shot got added to this one. System glitch? Anyway, stunning image, William!
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