Posted by James Belmont on March 6, 2013 
Great photo and a geography lesson for a visitor to Harrisburg. Now I better understand where the bridge that crosses the Susquehanna River connects to the Amtrak depot. Thank you!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 7, 2013 
Great shot, perfectly composed and framed. And level, lol. What kind of tripod did you use, lol. Question - what was the actual routing of the train, start to finish? Did it wye at each end or circle and cross each bridge? Can't recall, was not there but wondered why I saw photos of the consist over the Reading bridge (would not seem necessary to back that far over the bridge to wye the train other then for the photo op /experience). Thanks for sharing, Jim!
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on March 7, 2013 
Excellent !
Posted by Jim Johnston on March 12, 2013 
Mitch, a steady pilot for a tripod! The train originated in Enola Yard proceeded east over the Rockville Bridge, past the Harrisburg Yard, then Amtrak Station towards CP Capitol. Pictured above the excursion is backing down the east leg of the wye onto the Reading Bridge. They would pull west viat the west leg of the wye and reverse the route.
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