Posted by tsched on February 9, 2013 
Awesome picture, Mike. I live out here but have never been that close to the tunnel.
Posted by Tom on February 9, 2013 
Wow ! Gorgeous picture and the ballast looks to be just perfectly arranged..
Posted by Ellis Simon on February 10, 2013 
Got to give props to Mother Nature for strategically places those trees to break up the basalt cliff and make this a beautiful location.
Posted by Rich Brown on February 10, 2013 
Fascinating rocks. This image just moved my desire to ride the Portland section of the Empire Builder up a couple notches on the "bucket list."
Posted by Seva on February 10, 2013 
Wow, crazy rocks! I have never seen these before. You know, all the standard scenic locations have been photographed to death, I can tell just from the thumbnails - like, there's Cajon, there's Tehach, there's Colorado, etc. But this one made me go like whoa, where is this?
Posted by Indecline on February 13, 2013 
Bad, bad boy and you know why I'm saying that.
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