Posted by thewiz on January 9, 2013 
The old New York Central line across Southern Ontario (Canada Southern) used them. The oldest I ever found was 1918, on a line that was still active through the 1980s! You could pull them out with your bare hands, the track was in such bad shape.
Posted by Dave Schauer on January 9, 2013 
Very nice Lester. I like how the rusted taconite pellets add a more modern feel to the the "age" of the date nail.
Posted by Jeff Sell on January 9, 2013 
Railfanning sometimes treats railfans to rare finds...if you know where to look. The few date nails I found have been located in the tie in between the rails (along the former NKP mainline in Ohio). Thanks for sharing.
Posted by nselivanovskiy on January 10, 2013 
In Russia, is more exact in the former USSR, in old cross ties it is possible to see the same nails with the dates, two nails with numbers 71 and 72 I hammered into an entrance door.
Posted by T.Mitchell on April 22, 2013 
There are still quite a few date nails to be found on the former Boston and Maine in New Hampshire. The oldest I've found yet is 1913 with the most recent being 1961. 1939-1945 are the most common around here, which is right around when the B&M was installing CTC across their system.
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