Posted by George W. Hamlin on December 30, 2012 
Beautifully done; looks like a photo that David Plowden might have shot.
Posted by Rich Brown on December 30, 2012 
Beautiful image. In the fine tradition of David Plowden and Rich Steinheimer. MY VOTE for PCA !
Posted by Eric Williams on December 30, 2012 
Nice composition and PCA from me too!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on December 30, 2012 
Terrific arrangement of train, tree, shed and sky. Well done Jake.
Posted by Brent Michael (Mr. Pick) on December 31, 2012 
Well done, Jake! Beautiful image.
Posted by Samuel Phillips on January 7, 2013 
Fantastic, Jake! Great framing and excellent contrast. Agreed with the above comments, it's Plowden or Steinheimer all the way!
Posted by Tommy Wolfe on January 7, 2013 
Great Shot Jake, and Congrats on the PCA
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