Posted by Loren Aandahl on December 16, 2012 
Stunning! Even the old master, O. Winston Link, would be proud.
Posted by Blair Kooistra on December 16, 2012 
Outstanding photo, Darryl! I'm glad the screeners approved it--it would've been quite a blow to write all that nice caption information for no effort! I'm inspired!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on December 16, 2012 
Awesome photo and writeup of how you achieved it, Darryl! For sure, not an easy task! Congrats on the Screener's Choice, which this photo most certainly deserves!
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on December 16, 2012 
Tremendous story, great attention to logistical details, well thought out endeavor and great result.
Posted by Bart Pulverman on December 16, 2012 
Outstanding job! I congratulate you.
Posted by Jim Thias on December 17, 2012 
Great photo and great story, Darryl!
Posted by Darryl Bond on December 17, 2012 
Thanks folks. I cheated a little, as the write up was done for a night shots article in the current issue of the NZ Railfan mag. A little more info: the white tanks are mobile udders full of milk going over the hill for processing at a dairy plant. The milk will return as milk powder or butter in the trailing empty containers. Strange logistics I know... The lead loco is an export GE U26C built in Erie, PA in 1972. Some have been upgraded to 3300hp with many of the 'heavy' 7FDL blocks coming from the cabless BN dash 7s via NRE and all DXs now have GE's fancy BrightStar wheelslip system which is needed to put that power down on a light loco with only 16 tons on each axle (96 tons total weight - compare that to a CSX heavy GE!). 5016 is not a coal loco as it doesn't have the 'tunnel motor' air ducting on the long hood. The second loco was originally built in 1967 as a high nosed EMD G12 and rebuilt with a 645 engine in Australia around 1980. When I first came to the US 15 years ago I couldn't believe how quiet your trains were ;)
Posted by J. Morton on December 18, 2012 
It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is priceless. Well done.
Posted by ctrainchaser on December 22, 2012 
I know the country around staircase well seen it from many a train you did very well keep it up
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