Posted by on November 28, 2012 
Posted by Daniel SIMON on November 29, 2012 
MAGNIFIQUE Mitch !!!! You have got your Xmas card for this year.
Posted by John Sweigert on November 29, 2012 
All right Mitch. Enough is enough. First you blew me away with the black and white photo #416363 and now you have this color photo posted along with #416285. Your becoming my favorite poster on here. The subject, color, lighting, time of day as well as the time of year and it's cooler temperatures along with your abilities have come together to give us all the end product that we see here. A job well done is to be commended and this is a job well done.
Posted by Bo Gray on November 29, 2012 
Whaaat? No motion blur? ;-) Wonderful series of shots of #3254, Mitch.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on November 29, 2012 
Ole' 3254 naever looked better. Glad you didn't break you neck climbing on those ties!
Posted by David Benn on November 30, 2012 
Nothing quite like a steam locomotive working hard and bursting out of a tunnell!
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