Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 20, 2012 
Beautiful - may be one train I'd be tempted to put the camera down and enjoy from the inside (and then chase the next one, lol). Enjoying this series of images, Darryl!
Posted by Daniel SIMON on November 20, 2012 
Gorgeous shot Darryl. Unfortunately, the Screener forgot to push the SC button. Oops, I forgot, this shot has not been taken in the US!
Posted by Eugene Armer on November 20, 2012 
Magnificent location Darryl, and interesting rolling stock.
Posted by Brent Michael (Mr. Pick) on November 20, 2012 
If I live long enough, I have to make it to New Zealand. Yet another beautiful image. Thanks!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on November 20, 2012 
Amazing series of photos from New Zealand Darryl. The scenery is outstanding.
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