Posted by Paul Flaherty on November 5, 2012 
Unless they are using this car in this condition, something must have hit this car to damage it since it appears loaded
Posted by sirmartinfrobisher on November 5, 2012 
@Paul Flaherty From the debris atop the car, it looks like a tree left damning evidence!
Posted by NYC Man on November 5, 2012 
Overloaded and under payed!
Posted by Blair Kooistra on November 5, 2012 
One of your best! Glad this one isn't being squandered on!
Posted by Ron Flanary on November 5, 2012 
"...30 cars to 20 10....5 more--better ease 'em down Arvil....two cars--just two cars now!....THAT'LL DO, you idiot! I am NOT takin' the blame for this one, Arvil!..."
Posted by Mitch Solacz on November 6, 2012 
I think that we may need to set this one out!
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