Posted by Jason Boring on October 22, 2012 
I love how the compression makes it look just like a model railroad!! Great picture!
Posted by Stu Levene on October 22, 2012 
Brilliant shot. PCA from me.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 22, 2012 
We're not worthy, we're not worthy! Wow - what an astonishing photo! You sure this is not a very well diorama in Z-gauge held up against the backdrop of Denver? Wow! Putting this one in my "extra-favorite" category.
Posted by Sid Vaught on October 22, 2012 
One of the most unusual shots I have ever seen. Call it "Life of the Edge" or some such. PCA for me as well.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on October 22, 2012 
Mitch is does look like a Z scale diorama..PCA vote as well
Posted by Jake Branson on October 22, 2012 
This is too cool! Awesome composition and use of focusing.
Posted by Austin Jacox on October 22, 2012 
Cool Shot it looks like an N Scale layout
Posted by Jim Thias on October 22, 2012 
Very cool, Mike! I'm going to be in Denver at the end of November for a few days and I've been taking notes of your photo locations lately. ;-)
Posted by JDay on October 22, 2012 
I can't stop staring at this photo. It's more addictive than a 'Magic Eye' book.
Posted by Jack Wayne on October 22, 2012 
...and the Denver skyline looks like a finely illustrated backdrop on some Hollywood sound stage. Wow - incredible shot even though it's taken at a location where a lot of fascinating images have been photographed.
Posted by Eric Williams on October 23, 2012 
Mike...finally a real unique view of the much photographed curve. Fantastic composition and PCA.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on October 23, 2012 
Beautiful vantage point and execution, Mike! Another one of your best.. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Skyler Cotton on December 1, 2012 
Amazing shot Mike.
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