Posted by Tom on October 8, 2012 
Knowing full-well that this is a train-related website, I'll go ahead and relate this recollection. Immediately after the Voyager aircraft's successful round-the world flight in 1986(?), my Air Guard unit was in Nevada on deployment. On a weekend off, we made fast tracks for the Mojave airport to see the magnificent and successful Voyager aircraft. Our standing in front of it with a feeling of awe and appreciation never forgotten by me is brought back by this picture. God Bless America !!!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 8, 2012 
Now that's what I call being productive! Maybe you should upload to, too. I wonder if there are duplicate photos between the sites?
Posted by on October 9, 2012 
Anybody have any pictures of the NASA trains that Santa Fe moved from Edwards to White Sands for STS-3?
Posted by Randy on October 9, 2012 
Very nice photo. I noticed though that the "triangular" area west of the airport just above the residential area is almost bare. This is the location where the Union Pacific added a siding next to the branch there to use in the unloading/loading of large wind turbine parts including the main column and the very large blades. Look at Mojave on Google Earth and you will see in the image taken earlier this year, that the area was full of several of these different pieces. I wonder...was that operation just a temperary one as they assembled almost a hundred of the wind turbines just west of Mojave, or will the transfer operation continue in the future?
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