Posted by LocalRailfan Photography on September 12, 2012 
Beautiful photograph and great job capturing a very sombre mood, PCA voted!
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on September 12, 2012 
Superb shot on any occasion, extra special on this occasion.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on September 12, 2012 
Very well deserved SC. PCA from me for this dramatic and significant shot.
Posted by Jon Wright on September 12, 2012 
Very nice Eric. PCA from me!
Posted by John Crisanti on September 12, 2012 
I love the mood of this photo and the composition works well. PCA vote from me.
Posted by Vernon McCarthy on September 12, 2012 

Posted by Tom on September 12, 2012 
Absolutely striking photo !! This is certainly deserving of consideration for "People's Choice", but I think it probably would do very well in other competitions such as the annual one that Trains magazine has. This is a photo I would like to have on a print.
Posted by Paul P on September 12, 2012 
I keep having to say "now this is my favorite Eric Williams shot" This is superb and I second Tom's notion about a print.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 12, 2012 
Williams strikes again! Wow! Just freak'n wow. Another well earned PC on route and my continued admiration for so well capturing the East Coast (and West).
Posted by Chris Eads on September 12, 2012 
Wow. Very well done, Eric. Simply well done.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on September 12, 2012 
Words fail me. All I can muster is a lame great new angle idea and outstanding job Eric.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on September 13, 2012 
Spectacular photo Eric. Very fitting for the day.
Posted by Sisko24 on September 13, 2012 
I don't often nominate photos for People's Choice, but this one got my vote. Congratulations. This is a fantastic shot and you should be very proud to have taken it. I recommend you also try submitting this to every rail magazine for publication. Again, congratulations.
Posted by Andrew on September 13, 2012 
Very moving reminder of a sad event. I lost a friend on the ground in Lockerbie, Pan Am 103
Posted by CS927 on September 13, 2012 
As an Amtrak Assistant Conductor who works this route everyday, this is a beautiful perspective of an area of railroad that is often overlooked as being aesthetically pleasing. Well done!
Posted by on September 13, 2012 
Mitch said it best. I 2nd the comment.
Posted by David Doty Sr. on September 13, 2012 
This is a memorial photo of two magnificient entities; The World Trade Center and The New York Central Rialroad. The tracks that the Amtrak is on were the mian east/west (north/ south at this point) Of the NYC. Both are only memories that we should never forget. PCA vote from me, also, Eric. Excellent photography work.
Posted by Justin Sandner on September 16, 2012 
simply breathtaking. Incredible shot!
Posted by Tom Gorton on September 18, 2012 
I feel great American pride looking at this superb photo!
Posted by Stan Sienicki on September 19, 2012 
Awesome shot, PCA from me as well.
Posted by Ron Bouwhuis on September 20, 2012 
Beautiful composition..!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on September 26, 2012 
Phenomenal work Eric...simply breathtaking. Really!
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on September 29, 2012 
I took a ride on the Metro North Hudson line just last week to Poughkeepsie and back to check out the new Walkway over the Hudson. For the price of a mere commuter Ticket you get one of the most scenic Train rides in the Nation. Thanks for sharing this terrific photo.
Posted by dnsommer on April 1, 2014 
Great shot, Eric! Beautiful!
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