Posted by Ron Bouwhuis on September 8, 2012 
Great catch of a fleeting moment....
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on September 8, 2012 
Great catch Eric. This is SO Californian. I predict a zillion RP views.
Posted by GEORGE M. STUPAR on September 8, 2012 
The epitome of cool. Palm trees, Geeps, street running, and surfer girls. It's all good. Nice catch!
Posted by Joe Leftley on September 8, 2012 
Only in California could you get a scene like this. Street running with palm trees and surfers.
Posted by Cameron Applegath on September 8, 2012 
Queue the Beach Boys!
Posted by Andrew on September 8, 2012 
Two Locos, two motor cars, two girls and two surf boards adds up to one very good photograph.
Posted by PugDaddy on September 9, 2012 
Rail surfing ! LOL. Great shot.
Posted by Nathan M. Kuhn on June 7, 2013 
Because you can do the Harlem Shake!
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