Posted by Chris Marwood on June 29, 2012 
Removed a rail! WOW.That is some serious sabotage.Who would do something like that?
Posted by Bill Caywood on June 29, 2012 
These are something more than hoists. Each of these machines is a 250 ton capacity Railroad Crane. Please note that the load is being lifted by the main block of each crane. Left to right, the crane closest to Ted's camera has two slings attached to the pilot lifting eyes of the locomotive. The third crane has two slings attached to the rear pilot lifting eyes of the locomotive. The middle crane probably is attached to a point rather high on the locomotive and near it's center, possibly the diesel engine. The crane in the center is there to prevent the locomotive from flipping over while being lifted by the other two cranes. The smaller hooks located near the ends of the booms of these cranes are used for much lighter loads such as car trucks or other wreckage. Very few railroads retain these large cranes anymore. Multiple crane lifts such as this are very difficult to perform and require great concentration by the crane operators and the person directing the lift has to be very knowledgeable and give precise signals to the operators.
Posted by Ted Ellis on June 29, 2012 
Thanks for the info Bill! The ACR's hoist had a 150 ton lifting capacity and the CPR's were 250 tons like you said. We on the ACR referred to all of the cranes as 'hoists' when putting out train orders and work authority in a generic sense. Refer to my other photo (link above "More info here" for a side view of the scene showing how the cables were attached. ACR Hoist 10211 was scrapped in 1996 soon after the Wisconsin Central takeover.
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