Posted by Nick McLean on May 21, 2012 
Dirty but still beautiful! Great post!
Posted by Rangachari Anand on May 21, 2012 
Wonderful to see a color photo from that era.
Posted by Chris Marwood on May 21, 2012 
Verrrrrrrrrrry nice. Impressive looking loco . The tender wheels look very inadequate for such a huge load of coal and water.Nice to see photos from so far back
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on May 22, 2012 
I have never seen a 3/4 color shot of a Southern 4-8-2 before. Great looking machine and a perfect freight side match for the Ps-4 4-6-2. Thanks Ron!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 22, 2012 
Great! This should be a big help when it comes to rebuilding a replacement from scratch. Thanks for sharing with us a piece of American history.
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