Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 16, 2012 
Slick! Very creative shot, Tom.
Posted by Wesley Greer on May 16, 2012 
A never before seen angle on RP... fantastic shot. PCA voted.
Posted by Jonathan Hallman on May 16, 2012 
Talk about looking at things from a new perspective! I've been enjoying the shots you've been posting lately, and this one is no exception. What great inspiration for looking at new ways to capture a scene!
Posted by Elchlok on May 16, 2012 
Superb photograph, sir. My vote for a PCA!
Posted by drewhalv on May 16, 2012 
One small step for railfan. One giant leap for railfankind.
Posted by partneylr777 on May 16, 2012 
I was once stationed here on Welding Crew #3 and this area is absolutely beautiful. Near Noxon Dam and on the Clark Fork River, as a grinder-operator working on the track behind a welder, refinishing the rail joints, the brief moments in between gave me time to look at the beauty here. Located in perhaps the most beautiful part of the original Northern Pacific Railway. Great Pics like this are my favorite!! Keep 'em coming Tom!!
Posted by Michael Harding on May 16, 2012 
Really, really neat perspective! PCA vote, well done, just really cool!
Posted by on May 16, 2012 
Holy Smokes. PCA.
Posted by Greg MacLeod on May 16, 2012 
Maybe two or three times a year there is a picture that does something completely unique with respect to the photos on this site. I love it when that happens! Good work Tom.
Posted by Notchate on May 16, 2012 
All you need now is a fish! Great shot, PCA
Posted by Guy R Peterson on May 16, 2012 
Just when I thought I had seen it all. You have gone outside the box with spectacular composision.
Posted by Amtrakman on May 16, 2012 
I think thats one of my most favorite pictures ever. Thank for being so creative.
Posted by Christopher Blaszczyk on May 16, 2012 
Unbelievable shot, Tom. PCA vote from me. Can't wait to see what else lurks in the archives.
Posted by Robert Richardson on May 17, 2012 
Did you use a Nikonos?
Posted by Tom Danneman on May 17, 2012 
Robert, I used my Canon 7D with a waterproof case. I submerged the lens (on the case) about halfway under the water to get this affect. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I really appreciate it!
Posted by Doug Foust on May 17, 2012 
The best of two worlds. PCA for me too!
Posted by Eric Williams on May 18, 2012 
I was expecting to see a U-boat lurking in the water! Another amazing and creative shot from you. PCA.
Posted by Rob Taylor on May 18, 2012 
Posted by Adam Pizante on May 28, 2012 
Great work, one in a million railroad shot!
Posted by E Shortess on May 28, 2012 
Congratulations Tom, This is probably my favorite photo on in the last six months. I voted for it for PCA without question. I have seem your photography from Trains Magazine, and the Trains Calendars and am glad you are now on
Posted by Kevin Halucha on June 1, 2012 
Awesome shot!
Posted by Kyle Dana on July 12, 2012 
Such a creative angle, one of the best I've ever seen!
Posted by Jack Morgan on January 9, 2013 
Excellent photo! The depth of water is incredible, and very Well done!
Posted by Dennis Jacob on February 22, 2013 
superb.... no words
Posted by dnsommer on April 1, 2014 
This photo is right up there with the most interesting and creative railroad photos I've ever seen!
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