Posted by Andrew Robb on April 29, 2012 
Oh how I miss this!
Posted by Marty Bernard on April 30, 2012 
Oh, when railroads were railfan friendly. A truely great shot Mike.
Posted by Allen Stark on April 30, 2012 
Nice line-up. Clean and ready to work.
Posted by Joshua Clark on April 30, 2012 
There will never be another like the Northwestern. One of the railroads that all you had to do was ask a conductor nicely and you could ride in the cab or cabcar of a Metra C&NW train.
Posted by Mike Lockwood on May 1, 2012 
Great shot, Mike, a true classic portrait of a fan favorite. Funny how downtown Bill looks an awful lot like uptown Bill, and the suburbs, which as I recollect from my brief time there was mostly wind, dust, and coal trains.
Posted by ChevelleSSguy on May 3, 2012 
The CNW facbook group would love to see this photo. Long live the CNW.
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