Posted by on April 3, 2012 
VERY nice catch, the motor AND the signal....something I've been combining in Central FL shots a lot lately (just haven't posted many...). Things will be changing soon, now is the time to document.
Posted by MaryAnn Pickering on April 7, 2012 
Thanks for your comment Kevin!!! Your positive feedback means a lot to a novice.
Posted by on April 14, 2012 
People might think that Florida is flat, but the "G" sign on this signal indicates that there's a hill here, enough of a hill that a freight might not get started here if it stopped for a red signal, back in the days when a red signal with a number plate meant "Stop and Proceed" and not simply "Restricted Proceed," as it does today. Signals with a "G" plate meant that there was a "grade" and that freight trains could proceed at Restricted Speed without stopping. Also, an interesting ex-SAL style signal on the former Atlantic Coast Line. The former ACL signals were searchlights; there were still quite a few in central Florida a few years ago (can't speak for these days) but SCL began replacing them with ex-SAL style signals after the SCL merger in 1967.
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