Posted by Greg Poston on December 26, 2011 
I'm not even sure I'd consider this a skeleton. Boy oh boy they stripped her clean.
Posted by Don Strack on December 27, 2011 
UP 863 was wrecked in February 1990 at Smithville, Texas. The unit was under an operating lease at the time, so it was retired on 6 February 1990 and returned to its owner, Helm Financial. To replace the wrecked 863 in the Helm lease, UP selected its own UP 598 (ex MKT 229), which was out of service at the time due to a damage engine; UP 863's diesel engine and dynamic brake components were removed by UP at North Little Rock, shipped to VMV Enterprises at Paducah, Kentucky, and used on the former UP 598, which became UP 887; Helm Financial sold the hulk of the wrecked UP 863 for scrap to Azcon Hyman Michaels, on 10 October 1991.
Posted by Ken Huard on December 30, 2011 
Doesn't look like there was much left to scrap!
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