Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on October 18, 2011 
Wow. Has Amtrak contacted you yet because I'm sure they will for this one. What a shot, Jim!
Posted by Scott Lothes on October 18, 2011 
That's a very pleasant scene. Well composed!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 18, 2011 
Nice - I'll second the first two comments. Nicely seen and captured.
Posted by Michael Harding on October 18, 2011 
Very well done Jim - great composition!
Posted by Michael Biehn on October 18, 2011 
It's almost like you personally put into place all the subjects before the shot, from the boats to the cool building, to the train. Very Nice!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on October 19, 2011 
Simply perfectly composed and captured Jim. Well done! And the locomotive is nice and clean with good fresh paint....definitely a PR image if there ever was one.
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