Posted by Anthony K Small on October 9, 2011 
A different perspective I never seen, good pic.
Posted by Bob Avery on October 9, 2011 
Nice one. Now all you need is the same again but with a train going over the top on the other line at the same time....
Posted by Dave Kerr on October 12, 2011 
A splendid photo, Wade. It was worth the climb.
Posted by Charlie Wood on November 24, 2011 
Very nice! Is that the current AVR bridge to the left? Where was this vantage point?
Posted by Wade H. Massie on November 25, 2011 
Yes, that's the AVR's bridge to Glenwood on the left side of the photo. This view is from Hays Woods, there's a trail I climbed from the road which leads to some powerlines near the top of the hill.
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