Posted by TJ on June 26, 2011 
This photo brings out a lot of emotion. Sadness to those lives that were lost, thankfulness for your safety, curiosity as to the sights and sounds of the moments before this photo, and the time afterwards. God bless those who perished, and a speedy recovery to those injured. Thank you Brock for for capturing all of this emotion. Hope you are safe and sound.
Posted by Nick ODell on June 26, 2011 
Scary to think that someone I know was on this train..... great shot, Brock. Glad you guys are okay - keep us posted if you find out any new information about this tragedy.
Posted by Amtrakman on June 27, 2011 
I remember a few nights ago seeing that on the news and be thinking who would do that and what would it look like and now i now. God Bless the people who lost there lives. Thank you for sharing and remember to keep us up to date on this catastrophe.
Posted by Adam Pizante on June 27, 2011 
Wow, I am glad to see you were ok, boy that is one ride you will never forget! Thanks for post this shot for all to see.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on June 27, 2011 
I see from the local headlines that the trucking company whose truck was involved had 19 random roadside inspections since 2010, of which there were 7 violations and 1 truck taken off the road. Looks like this is a company which should be closed down and have the book thrown at them. My condolences to all those involved.
Posted by SeanK97 on June 28, 2011 
re: TJ, your comment(s) say everything. Thanks for the picture(s), hope you are well through all of this.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on June 29, 2011 
In reply to what Nick said about knowing people that were on it.. I knew Laurette (conductor who passed away) and Richard (Assistant Conductor) extremely well. Its really sad to think that Laurette is gone for good...
Posted by Blair Kooistra on July 1, 2011 
Good to see you had presence of mind to run to the front, past the ripped-open and burning Superliners, and get the shot of the head-end. Glad you're okay.
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