Posted by E Garrett on March 29, 2011 
Whit, I was particularly struck by your comment "after shooting battered and beaten NS and CSX power all afternoon, CSX finally came through with something worth shooting..." Indeed, you've captured a handsome sight. But it raises the question that I think many of us deal with when submitting our work to Should we be interested only in the pretty, well-lit, "aesthetically pleasing" aspects of railroading, or isn't it more honest and helpful to the viewers seeking to document the true nature of the industry to include the numbers of "battered and beaten" units? After all, they're still out on the rails, moving the revenue, often just as well as their prettier sisters!
Posted by Frank Orona on March 29, 2011 
Check out those CSX "How Tomorrow Moves" logos on the sides of those hoppers. Wonder if that logo will start showing up on locomotives next?
Posted by John Higginson on March 29, 2011 
Great shot Whit, clean power and a clean train make for a nice photo.
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