Posted by Chris Starnes on October 7, 2003 
Wow.....killer shot, Larry! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Steve Host on October 9, 2003 
Posted by ICE on October 19, 2003 
quote = "And yes, the camera did survive" Are you saying you left it there for the train to pass over? oh, almost forgot...AMAZING PHOTO!
Posted by Matt Johnson on October 22, 2003 
Posted by Nathan Chidester on January 7, 2004 
First off, GREAT SHOT! Did you use a timer release for this shot. If not how did you do this shot?
Posted by fotoREP on September 9, 2004 
Love it. Captures the whole thing about the power and passion of the steam era. Sandy Cut? And not Pittsburgh or Altoona? I have to get myself over to Kentucky right away.
Posted by Luis Alvarez on December 4, 2004 
Posted by mc5725 on June 15, 2005 
Did you honestly think he ran in front of the train to get it?! Then it would say "Yes, I did survive!" Great catch.
Posted by David Parleur on August 8, 2006 
Great photo! And great timing!
Posted by John Blair on February 1, 2007 
This is amazing Larry, this is proof that steam still lives on.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on June 6, 2008 
This remains one of the most awe-inspiring steam photographs in history. I have been awed by this photo for years!
Posted by Dillon Stokes on June 6, 2008 
Well, at last this railfans last image was a good one.
Posted by Huiala Andrei Edward on September 25, 2010 
Awesome...Non words!
Posted by Bo Ellis on February 1, 2012 
Great shot! I took a video of former Sou 630 running over my camera once, but nowhere as good as this picture!
Posted by Larry Fellure on July 16, 2012 
Note to all concerned, the comment "yes, camera did survive" is purely tongue-in-cheek. The reality of this shot is that the train was completely stationary at the time. The train had just completed a photo run-by and the opportunity for this shot presented itself as the photo line made its way across the tracks to reboard the train. You can see other passengers coming off the hill side and others walking towards the back of the train. It would be complete irresponsible to place a camera in the middle of the tracks in order to capture a train in motion passing over.
Posted by Marc Montray on February 13, 2013 
I have an old poster of this shot that hung on my wall for years. It is done as if you are looking out a window through the blinds. I had never seen the original. It looks better without the blinds. Stunning.
Posted by Erdal Uzer on March 18, 2017 
Wow... Amazing photo....
Posted by Bob Krone on March 24, 2021 
Great shot of a massive and handsome Mountain type. It's a real shame that it wasn't saved. The October 1959 lease by the L&N for the Louisville to Nashville round trip was sponsored by the Kentucky Railway Museum but I've been told that there weren't enough funds to save the locomotive from the scrapper's torch.
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