Posted by pierre fournier on November 20, 2010 
Souvenirs,souvenirs,At my beginning in CN pt st Charles shop in Mtl in 66,they were taking ,em in to have the motor and generators and also the traction motors remove and send the MT shell to London to be cut up..
Posted by Robert Farkas on November 20, 2010 
When I was at that scrapyard in November 1968, there were still CFA 16-4's along with one or two steam locomotives and at least one electric freight motor. How sad it was. Thanks for the memories. Bob
Posted by Dave Jacobs on November 20, 2010 
Holey stack of springs!!!!!
Posted by J. C. Smith, Jr. on November 21, 2010 
The missing dynamic brake hatch on the near unit, may have been taken by CN to construct a stationary load-test box, for evaluating shopped locomotives electrical output. I've seen such devices at CN's Spadina engine terminal in Toronto, (with the little triangular windows intact,) and similar devices made from EMD d/b hatches on many other roads. I assume these units are in London, GMD's hometown, as trade-ins on new power.
Posted by Bernie Feltman on November 21, 2010 
Outstanding photo, Dave
Posted by Charles Freericks on November 21, 2010 
I've had a blast looking at some of your other 1960s shots... but this is the most surprising to me. Too bad those old gals only got to be teenagers (and young ones at that). Thanks for sharing.
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