Posted by Mike Lockwood on November 7, 2010 
Wow. Might as well blindfold the crew.
Posted by Ken Huard on November 7, 2010 
Well there is a porthole!
Posted by T Towler on November 10, 2010 
Good shot ! Most CN crews will reject this for any long distance on the grounds of safety as there is no visibility except to look in the mirror, of course with desktop controls in them, the engineer can't reach the controls if he were to face backwards anyway. Also the lack of ditchlights is usually enough reason to not do this for a long run, having to run 20 mph over crossings in the US.
Posted by Don Morrell on November 11, 2010 
Up pariscope!
Posted by Robert Jackson on February 4, 2012 
Wow this is awesome!!!! I wonder how often this happens!
Posted by Alabama RailFan on December 31, 2012 
Install a HD Camera for the crew and Ditchlights. Good to go!
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